Tennis clinics


Normally the clinics are for adults (18+) but can be given to children on request.

There are tennis clinics of 5 days (mid-week, Monday-Friday) and there are tennis clinics for 2 days (weekend, Saturday-Sunday)

The clinics have 2 sessions a day for 2 hours (10-12 and 15-17) and between and after is room for video analyze or more personal advice.

The clinics are given on 2 courts (sometimes on 3 if we have the place) and to 6 or 8 persons (we need 6 to get started)

If you want a more personalized clinic for 3 or 4 persons (for example a family) this can be arranged to.

In the price : is the hotel half-pension for 5 or 2 nights depending on which clinic, tennis classes, video analyze and a rapport with the points to work on.

There will be clinics in Alicante and Marbella

The dates will be showed 3 months in front here on the site and emailed to the members as well.

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