Stroke analyses and correction

Stroke analyses and correction

Just by watching yourself, you can get an idea on how well you’re doing and it’s even possible that you can detect by yourself what errors you’re making.

Comparing your strokes to those of the professionals is a way in the good direction, but not always possible to perform them in the same way for some people due to physical aspects.

If you look at those professionals and you take the top players, you will see that they all have in some way a different Forehand or Backhand, and that’s what we call PERSONAL TECHNIC.

Within the strokes of these professionals you will find by all of them the basics, and it’s those basics you must look for in your strokes.

Here at BMT we have 3 mayor checkpoints:

  1. The finish of the stroke
  2. The contact with the ball
  3. Timing and rhythm

We start by the finish of the stroke because here we will decide the speed and the depth of the ball.

Then we check the contact because every mistake we make, we make BEFORE contact (closing the racket to early which is changing the racket head position and by that the trajectory of the ball or going too fast to contact which is hitting the ball and by that losing control over the depth as also not being possible to pull the racket into another direction on the right moment).

The timing and the rhythm is what makes the stroke look so fluent. If everything starts on the right time in the right rhythm then everything falls into its place.

If we are not able to fix it with these 3 checkpoints, then we must go to the 5 basics of the stroke and start there from the first step in the way of shadow tennis where we can go to every aspect in the stroke.

People who are interested to hear another vision from another trainer ( 2 people know more then 1 ) about their strokes or their tactical game, can send a video from about 20min by WeTransfer.

We can make then a written analyze ( for 50€) or a video analyze  ( for 150€)  where we explain what the problem is and how to solve it with the necessary steps and exercises.

For the technical part we need a video taken from the side and close enough (see example).

For the tactical part we need the whole court , the both sides to control the placement and the position (see example).

An email in front is always good, so we can discuss, what’s the best way to get it done right. The email is

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