There are a lot of books about the legs and footwork game and almost nothing about the HANDS. Except to the explanation of the grip, we hardly find information of the importance of the HANDS.

In this book we bring everything back to the HANDS from the split step to the finish of your stroke.

The first reaction, the first move comes out of the HANDS and the body follows the HANDS. The HANDS are going to contact, the HANDS are taking the distance to the ball, the HANDS are starting the swing, the HANDS are accelerating the racket and the HANDS are bringing the racket to the finishing point are only a few of the things the HANDS do.

So, as you can already see, there is a whole package that the HANDS must do.

The book is also explaining a little about the tactical part in the form of information and position.

The people who like to talk about the legs, I must disappoint them because if everything goes correct by the HANDS then the feet will follow in a natural way. I will talk about the footwork in the shadow tennis program because I don’t want to take away the attention of the most important part, which is the contact with the ball.

The book describes the following strokes: The Forehand, the Backhand 1handed, the Backhand 2 handed, the Forehand Volley, the Backhand Volley, and the 3 Serve possibilities which are the flat, topspin and slice. It contains also the information and position part, basic exercises and court explanation.

The price of the eBook is 15euro but included in the membership.